The World Quality Congress Offers:

    Real-life examples of quality improvement through the Team Competition

    Networking with top most leaders of quality

    Rub elbows with individuals who have implemented cost savings & quality improvement in their organization. Talk to them. Learn from them.

    Learn from the Team Competition. See real-life examples of quality tools at work.

    Network…! Learn! Share! Grow!


    In today's competitive marketplace, standing apart from your rivals is more important than ever. Customer service and other quality tools are must-haves. Learn how to use these tools to your advantage and sharpen your organization's competitive edge.

    The World Quality Congress will take you beyond conformance to specifications and standards. The World Quality Congress is the forum to learn from experts to find real world solutions to real world problems. Participants will learn more about applying TQM, and Six Sigma. They will learn how to improve operational process, customer service, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction from leaders in the quality industry.

    The World Quality Congress is an exceptional educational opportunity that will bring you the latest topics in quality management principles, techniques, theories and implementations. The two-day Congress will provide how-to's, step-by-step advice, success stories, and implementation guidance on major organizational changes. The Congress is the place to enhance your leadership skills, and to get tips on improving your organization's effectiveness through implementing quality programs.


    Role Players 2019

    R. Wilfred Raju

    Managing Director
    Raj InfotechBiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Hussain Afeef

    Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance
    LUX* Resorts and Hotels

    Divya Tuteja

    Director - Quality Management
    Dunnhumby Limited

    Dr. Pawan Kumar Gupta

    Chief Quality Officer
    Thumbay Group, Ajman, UAE.

    Award Categories

    Quality Excellence Award for Excellence in Learning Outcomes
    Projects that focus on supporting and promoting the strategic importance of increased course completions and better employment outcomes
    Quality Excellence Award for Teaching and Learning Products and Services
    Development, implementation or enhancement of products and services to improve customer's learning experiences and outcomes.
    Quality Excellence Award for Teaching and Learning Practices
    Innovative and creative practices that have enhanced customer's learning experiences and outcomes.
    Quality Excellence Award for Workforce Development
    Initiatives in professional development self-paced learning, human resource development processes, workforce profiling and promotion of teamwork.
    Quality Excellence Award for Business Relationships
    Projects where the Institute has partnered with business, industry or a community group to develop mutual opportunities for all parties.
    Quality Excellence Award for Safety and Environmental Sustainability
    Projects that focus on improved environmental and safety processes for its customers and community.
    Quality Excellence Award for Planning, Processes and Systems
    Projects that focus on development or improvement of processes and systems leading to increased efficiencies and effectiveness.
    Quality Excellence Award for Consumer Empowerment
    An individual who contributed to enhancing consumer decision making and/or enhancing consumer health care adherence to appropriate therapy.
    Quality Excellence Award for Best Turnaround Company
    Best Turnaround Company today, seeking to honour the "Best of the Best" in results for small-and-medium sized businesses.

    The Award for Best Turnaround Company will recognize companies that showed a significant operational or financial improvement year-over-year.
    Quality Excellence Award for Most Innovative Company
    This award recognizes the achievements of the company or organization that best asserts and/or protects its Market Position using its intellectual property assets throughout the course.
    Quality Excellence Award for Fastest Growing Company
    The award for fastest growing company is based on the percentage of revenue growth over a five-year period. Organisation that has achieved a remarkable revenue growth rate along with quality and services over this period.
    Quality Excellence Award for Best Customer Service Result
    An organization which is truly customer driven when it properly manages information, makes that information available to the right people, and trains its staff to use that to build relationship value. Selecting the right products, being honest with customers, and welcoming communications between the company and its customers
    Quality Excellence Award for Best in After Sales Service
    The award for best in after sales service is to Ensure continuous application of the essential aspects of customer satisfaction resolving the sources of customer dissatisfaction and Implementing competitive services that enhance customer confidence
    Quality Excellence Award for Best in class Manufacturing
    The Award for best in class manufacturing benchmarks business excellence framework, which provides organisations with a holistic model for managing a business for excellence, i.e. Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Processes, Customers and Results and is also determined by the organisation's performance in the Business Excellence Assessment for Continuous Improvement
    Quality Excellence Award for Best eBusiness
    The winner of this award will have demonstrated achievement and extraordinary success both locally and globally through the development and introduction of e-commerce initiatives and can best demonstrate the highest levels of delivery, site engagement, usability, security, innovation, and ethical practice. It will also recognise the most effective and creative marketing and mechanisms in place that enable delivery of the highest levels of customer service.
    Quality Excellence Award for customer Loyalty Programme
    The participants need to demonstrate their achievements of Customer Relationship Excellence with the quality delivery in their organizations; their management leadership, performance of the Customer Service Center, successful strategies for attracting and retaining customers; innovation, technology, service and support infrastructure; service level agreement and management; measuring and managing customer satisfaction levels
    Quality Excellence Award in Food and Beverages
    The quality excellence award is mark for hygiene & food safety and is awarded to organisations that successfully complete a detailed audit of their food safety management systems.
    Best End-to-End Customer Solution
    The quality excellence award is mark for hygiene & food safety and is awarded to organisations that successfully complete a detailed audit of their food safety management systems.
    Supply Chain Sustainability Award
    The award is presented to the organisation or team- from any sector - that can best demonstrate a reduction in the impact on the environment as result of their supply chain efforts.
    Supply Chain Customer Service Award
    This category recognises how a supply chain team (or a supply chain initiative) has resulted in better customer service.
    Supply Chain Innovation Award
    This category recognises supply chain projects, actions or initiatives that demonstrate true innovation. The award will be presented to the team that developed a distinct new method or approach to a challenging issue.
    Supply Chain Technology Award
    This category recognizes supply chain teams that have made the most effective use of new technologies. The judges will reward the organisation that can demonstrate how technology has successfully influenced the outcome of a project.
    Supply Chain People Development Award
    This category recognises the most effective people development or transformation plan within the supply chain sector. The judges will be looking for entries that showcase how you have raised the skill levels of individuals and contributed to improvements in performance.
    CEO of the year
    Has shown a proven track record in scaling new heights for the company and has shown exemplary leadership quality in the organisation
    Best Customer Service Professional of the Year
    This award acknowledges the contribution of the individuals who can demonstrate their focus on customer service. The award will assess the contribution of the nominated individual in measurable terms to the business mission of the organization.
    Quality Excellence Award for Consumer Protection (Patient Safety) In Health and Care sector
    An individual who demonstrated commitment to the welfare of health care consumers (e.g. saving and improving lives, preventing adverse health outcomes, etc.).
    The Quality Champion Award
    A Quality Champion is made up of people who fundamentally embrace Quality Principles and has a vision of the quality organization, shares that vision with others, and positively leads others towards that vision by example. In individual who can demonstrate an outstanding commitment to championing the Quality principles.
    Innovative Leadership in Quality
    Should have demonstrated institutionalization of innovation in a systemic and structured way while maintaining the goal of innovation as the creation of business value by developing ideas from mind to market.
    Quality Excellence Award for Sustainable Changes to Quality Practices
    The Award for Sustainable changes to quality practices serve to identify recipients that will serve as role models for other organizations and to help organizations assess their improvement efforts, diagnose their overall performance management system, and identify their strengths and opportunities for improving organizational performance practices, capabilities, and results with effectiveness