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World Quality Congress & Awards

In today's competitive marketplace, standing apart from your rivals is more important than ever. Customer service and other quality tools are must-haves. Learn how to use these tools to your advantage and sharpen your organization's competitive edge.

The World Quality Congress will take you beyond conformance to specifications and standards. The World Quality Congress is the forum to learn from experts to find real world solutions to real world problems. Participants will learn more about applying TQM, and Six Sigma. They will learn how to improve operational process, customer service, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction from leaders in the quality industry.

The World Quality Congress is an exceptional educational opportunity that will bring you the latest topics in quality management principles, techniques, theories and implementations. The two-day Congress will provide how-to's, step-by-step advice, success stories, and implementation guidance on major organizational changes. The Congress is the place to enhance your leadership skills, and to get tips on improving your organization's effectiveness through implementing quality programs.
The World Quality Congress Offers

  • Real-life examples of quality improvement through the Team Competition

  • Networking with top most leaders of quality

  • Learn from the Team Competition. See real-life examples of quality tools at work.

  • Rub elbows with individuals who have implemented cost savings & quality improvement in their organization. Talk to them. Learn from them.

  • Network…! Learn! Share! Grow!