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Role Players 2022

Amit Kumar Trivedi

Director Quality, Release & Compliance
Loyalty Juggernauts India Pvt. Ltd.

Theme : Transformational Leadership - The New Quality Requirement

Brief of Presentation :
The world is changing at a very fast pace and web & mobile applications are into daily life of every individual now. The expectation from users is very high and IT orgs are trying hard to cope up. It's a time of transformation, new business models are evolving rapidly to create and tap the opportunities. The fulfilment of emerging requirements has to be holistic and of high quality. The leaders have to be visionary, having the pulse of the market and pushing internal transformations aligned to make the cut timely.

Brief of Profile :
A seasoned expert in IT having 25 yrs of experience across Design, Development, Testing, Release, Performance, Security, DevOps and Compliance functions. Primarily my contribution has been on Quality and have delivered hundreds of releases over years for various renowned organizations. I have been in the leadership role as QA Head for the past 15 years. I have a US patent to my name and have mentored several other patents for my team members. I believe in simplifying things and apply the same to my work. Structured and procedural approach, standardization, exploration, practicality, knowledge sharing, people orientation, work-life balance etc are some of the keywords that reflect me.