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Role Players 2017

Engineer Mary Jane Alvero

Chief Executive Officer, Geoscience Testing Laboratory
LLC and Prime Certification & Inspection LLC

An IT professional ( BE from IIT Roorkee ),having 30+ years of experience which includes:

Engineer Mary Jane Alvero- Al Mahdi is a quintessence of a woman of substance: a leader, an achiever, influential woman, a community volunteer and a mother. A visionary career woman who rose from ranks through sheer hard work and determination- steering Geoscience Testing Laboratory to greater heights of success. An empowered Filipina who has shown the world that she can compete, excel and eventually lead, with sheer talent, determination and hard work. She is quite the picture of female empowerment – a role model not only for Filipinas but for nationalities as well. Engineer Mary Jane Alvero is the first Filipina to have won in the prestigious Emirates Business Women's Award (EBWA) in 2008, the first runner in the Professional Category – now part of an elite group of females lauded by the UAE government in lieu of their professional excellence, exemplary works and leadership. CEO of Prime Certification Company and Geoscience Testing Laboratories (GTL), multi-discipline research companies. Mary Jane runs a multimillion company with over 450 employees, with 5 branches around the country and more than20 site laboratories. GTL counts the prestigious Dubai Water Canal Infrastructure, Dubai Park - Legoland and Bollywood Park Project, Dubai Square Development - Earthworks (Package1), Dubai International Airport Expansion Phase III, City Walk Phase II Project, Akoya by DAMAC, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City Project, Jebel Ali Hills - Roads & Infrastructure, Jumeirah Hills Development Improvement of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road,Dubai Water Canal Project, Dubai International Airport Phase 3, Legoland, BurjKhalifa, Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Metro are but a few of their impressive projects. She was instrumental in growing her team from 8 to over 450 employees. Despite her busy corporate role, Mary Jane also finds time to give back to the community through charitable causes and a co-founder of a Filipino Digerati Association which is a recipient of Presidential Banaag Award in 2012 by His Excellency President Benigno Aquino Jr. One of her most admired initiatives was the Filipino Digerati Association, which she established with the help of her friends in 2008 with the purpose of uplifting the standards of the Filipino work force in the United Arab Emirates. Their knowledge and skill-building programs produced some of the most valued Filipino employees in the region, with many gaining higher positions in their respective companies or moving onto more important and lucrative employers. Her leadership style is characterized by a keen focus on creating and fostering a culture of Excellence. She expounds, "I strongly believe that achievement and value creation in the organization will not be sustained if one is without the other," she says. "It is my duty to build a culture. Work gets done through people, and people are profoundly affected by culture. A lousy work environment can drive away high performers." The association aims to help Filipino people in the UAE upgrade their skills with free education.

In 2003, she was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. Becoming a CEO is the greatest leap that she made in her career. The complexity of her role and the skill that is required to manage that complexity successfully makes it such an extraordinary transition. In 2015, the chairman appointed her as well to be the CEO of newly launched Prime Certification Company in the United Arab Emirates.