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Role Players 2023

Karma Thinley

Chief Executive Officer
Penden Cement Authority Ltd., Bhutan

Special Achievements:
  • Establishment of Farm Machinery Corporation Limited.

  • Institution of Bio-Company, a subsidiary company of FMCL, created through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in collaboration with B&B Korea with a business idea committed to working towards fulfilling our national aspiration of becoming 100% organic in agriculture for assuring safe and nutrition security.

  • Establishment of a Manufacturing unit focused on designing and producing diverse farm machinery spare parts on a large scale reducing the dependence on import products. Accumulatively, a total of 10,380 plow shears, 5,948 plow fingers, 97 power tiller ploughs, 78 mini tiller ploughs, and 411 cage wheels are manufactured in the country. The production of these items would translate to Nu. 17.512 million, a momentous contribution made in the reduction of imports.

  • In view of aligning with technological advancement and going paperless, the following services are provided online:
    a) Online Procurement and sales of farm machinery and spare parts
    c) Human resource information and management system are online
    d) Hiring app to avail services

  • The mega greenhouse was first designed, fabricated and introduced by FMCL under direct supervision of the CEO.

  • Implementation of Online PMS system for compact and monthly evaluation aligning to the individual work plans.

  • Within the short span has made formal linkages with the various companies and institutes within and outside Bhutan.