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Role Players 2023

Saswat Kumar Panda

CEO & Founder

Saswat Panda is a reputed tech entrepreneur, digital innovator, and sought-after business consultant. With his profound strategic business knowledge and IT expertise, he creates environments that foster innovation. An agile transformer, Saswat has been a frontrunner in facilitating the adoption and diffusion of new-age digital solutions across organizations.

Saswat is an expert with considerable power and authority in new-age solutions like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data science. An effortless conversationalist, quite known for his genuine personality, he is passionate about sustainable business. Saswat has astute faith in long-term partnerships and leverages advanced technology to simplify the everyday challenges of companies.

Lending power to health tech innovation in the Asia Pacific, he is one of the key brains behind several digital innovations across SE Asia and India. Saswat has been awarded on multiple occasions leading the Quocent team for Youngest Entrepreneur at STPI Awards (Govt of India), CeBIT (A EU-based forum) best exhibitor company in India, World Trade Centre exporters award, Alpha team in SURGE & many more.

With quantifiable experience steering businesses toward digital success, Saswat is an advisor to multinational businesses and several startup incubators. Recognizing his strategic vision and portfolio leadership, World Trade Organization placed him in the distinguishing role of Honorary Convenor for Technology Innovation and Startup Thinktank. Having spearheaded innovation with sustainable business growth, Saswat mentors organizations like Startup India and several top leading universities like Sri, MSU Malaysia, UPM Malaysia, AIC - CV Raman Global Unversity, and Utkal University to name a few. He has also been appointed to the board of the Tri-E group in Malaysia to drive digital innovations for BFSI.

A keynote speaker at many technology, entrepreneurship & startup forums, Saswat has actively contributed to research papers for several universities including the University of Putra, Malaysia, and the Swinburne University of Technology. He has recently been recognized by CII (GoI) and Govt of Odisha for his leadership to deliver a technology-driven digital solution to manage twin city companies and make the covid sop efficient for the Police. Recently got awarded by the state government in India leading the team for sustainable economic contribution during Covid.

Recently been covered by Fortune Magazine to discuss Malaysia as a technology hub & thus committed to an Indo-Malaysian venture.